Cookie policy


1) Information note.

Cookies are made of portions of code installed into the browser which help the Controller provide a service for the purposes described here. Moreover, some of the purposes for the installation of cookies may require the user’s consent.

The website does not make use of cookies to transmit any kind of personal information, nor makes use of any so-called “persistent cookies”, i.e. user tracking systems.

2) Technical cookies.

The Company hereby informs you that the website makes use of so-called “technical cookies”.

In particular, the following kinds of cookies are used:

Session cookies, which help guarantee the ordinary navigation and usability of the website. The use of these cookies (which are not persistently stored on the user’s computer, but expire when the browser is closed) is strictly limited to the transmission of session identifiers made of server-generated random numbers, which are necessary for a secure and efficient website exploration. Moreover, the session cookies used in this website prevent the application of other information technologies which may harm the confidentiality of users’ navigation and do not allow the acquisition of personal data to identify users.

Functional cookies, which allow users to apply a range of selectable options to their navigation experience in order to improve the service provided to them. These cookies do not require the Data Subject to give his/her consent.

3) Third-party cookies.

Agostinelli S.r.l. hereby informs you that its website also makes use of third-party services. In particular, the website makes use of the following third-party cookie:

Google Analytics.

This is an essential technical cookie for statistical purposes. This web analysis service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”) makes use of cookies which are stored on the user’s computer to enable performing analytics on the use of the website visited, all in anonymous form. Anonymized data generated by Google Analytics are stored by Google as stated in the company Cookie Policy, which you can find at the following link: To read the Google Inc. Privacy Policy, please go to the following link:

4) How to disable cookies.

Except for technical cookies which are strictly necessary for the ordinary navigation and those necessary for statistical purposes, the Data Subject may prevent the installation of cookies by selecting appropriate options available on the web browser in use.

Without prejudice to the foregoing, with regard to technical cookies which are necessary for statistical purposes as well, the user may delete any other cookies through the web browser. Every browser has different procedures in place for settings management. Specific information are available to the user by visiting the following links.




SAFARI: (or on iOS).

5) Notes.

Third-party cookies can also be disabled by following the procedures made directly available by the third-party company which acts as Data Controller for their processing, as described in the links included in the foregoing paragraph “Third-party cookies”.

6) Consent.

Your consent to the implementation of the above-mentioned tools is in any case optional.

You may withdraw your consent at any time during the navigation without any loss of functionalities while visiting the website To do that, first select the “Cookie” button, then click on the “NO” button included in the drop-down menu which appears regarding the Cookie Policy.

7) Privacy Policy.

Please read our Privacy Policy as well /en/privacy-policy